A true foodie smells a goods restaurant from the moment he/she enters a new city. For sure it didn't take me a long time before I smelled the Italian goodness prepared at Peppe's Genk. This is one of the two restaurants of a well-know Belgian chef: Peppe Giacomazza. Wanna have a look?

peppe's genk

The Italian culture is the first thing you notice when you step inside: first of all, you enter the shop where several bottles of wine are displayed, and the Italian specialties are hard to walk past. The interior blew me away from the first minute: it was playful, yet very Italian and the color-combinations were beautiful. The cutlery is displayed in very large cans of tomato puree, the plates are absolutely beautiful and the olives,... well,... they didn't last long.

On the menu, there is something for everyone: the meatlover, the fishlover and the vegetarian. As I'm trying to eat less meat lately, I went for the cannelloni, filled with ricotta and spinage, a tomato sauce and some parmesan. The boyfriend went for a tuna pizza. You immediately taste the love that went inside these meals and how they really searched for the perfect combination of ingredients.

If you pay a visit to Genk, be sure to visit this restaurant, or, if you do some preparation ahead, you can try and ask for a seat in the well-know big brother of this restaurant, La Botta.

peppe's genk


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