MAC Whirl Lipstick.

I was watching a video of Tanya Burr the other day, fell in love with her lipstick, saw her doing a tutorial a few days later and I had to have it: MAC Whirl lipstick. After a road trip to MAC, I added this beauty to my - slowly extending! - collection. Wanna have a read?

Lately, I have been loving brown lipsticks and their browny-nude friends. I know my lipstick choice isn't really weather appropriate, but hé, I just wear what I like at that moment.

MAC Whirl fits the picture like no other: it's a medium brown color with a hint of coolness to it, and it has a matte finish. Matte, that's what I like the most when it comes to these colors. If you ask me, I would've loved to have this lipstick in a Retro Matte finish, but I do understand that a lot people are really attracted to the color, but not necessarily to an extreme matte finish.

This lipstick performs like you would expect from a MAC matte finish: it lasts really long on the lips, doesn't fade weirdly and is easy to reapply if you really wanted to. It also doesn't dry out your lips at all, which I really appreciate.

Of course, this beauty was blessed with the almost famous vanilla scent, which I really like. A lot of lipsticks these days smell extremely sweet and very artificial and I just can't stand that at all. I hope MAC never changes the smell of their lip products!

As a conclusion, I can say I'm completely, head over heels in love with this lipstick. It has the perfect color and the nearly perfect finish. It lasts a long time and still nourishes your lips. The only thing I'm not a big fan of is the price: MAC has raised the price of their lipsticks again, and although I really like this one and I think it's worth it, they don't have to elevate the price too much anymore, I find. 

Which MAC lipstick is your favorite?


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