Them glasses tho': my favorite glasses!

A couple of years ago, I started to notice that my vision wasn't as clear as it used to be in specific situations: late at night, whilst driving my car,... So I saw a doctor and the result was that I had to have a pair of glasses. Knowing me, it would only take a short period of time to get completely obsessed with different sizes and colors, so today I'm going to show you guys my top 3 pairs of glasses. Wanna have a read?

The first pair is by the brand Oliver People, unfortunately they don't make this specific pair anymore, but I'm sure they have something similar if you really like this shape. They're a dark brown color on the front and have a tortoise pattern on the rest of the frame. I like these a lot; they feel really sturdy and safe when you where them, so they're superb if you wear them during a long car drive.

The second pair is by Polette and this is probably the pair I wear the most. The frame is black, and the little "legs" are gold. I love this pair so much because of its simplicity I think. Since the frame is quite thin, it looks really subtle and classy. These glasses are called the Abroad black.

The last pair is a little bit different, but I love them! These are the Merry glasses, again by Polette, and they're very unique: the frame is completely transparant and the legs are, again, a gold colour. The most quirky thing about this frame, is that it sits a little higher, so it looks quite funny when you wear them. I only wear this pair when I'm wearing a very simple outfit, so it adds a little bit to the outfit.

Do you have to wear glasses, and what's your favorite pair?


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